Sexual Health Educator: Candice Reich

Last updated: January 2013

My name is Candice, and this site is one of the things I’m most proud of in my life. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and learn more about me and what I’m doing with this incredible life I’ve been given. My goal, above all else, is to use my knowledge, skills and passionate energy to make the world around me a better place to be.

I describe myself as: a lifelong learner, an enthusiastic advocate, a passionate educator and a committed LGBTQ ally. I speak out – loudly – for what I believe in – and I am proud to be continually working to better myself. This website and my work as a sexuality educator are two steps I am taking to do this.

As an intensely sensual person, I believe that sexuality is a natural and healthy part of every human being (and most other beings as well). The way sexuality manifests itself in a particular person is as unique as the individual themselves, and discovering the complexities of your sexual self can be an extremely rewarding journey. My goal is to help others learn how to enjoy their own sexuality in ways that are responsible and ethical.

Education, to me, is invaluable, regardless of whether it is formal or informal. I have a BA from the University of Guelph and a Child and Youth Worker (CYW) Advanced Diploma from Georgian College. However, I can easily say that much of what I’ve learned about myself, sexuality and the world has come from simple, day-to-day experiences and the learning I’ve sought outside of formal school settings.

I have been passionate about sexual health for almost as long as I can remember.  My fifth-grade health project was all about reproduction and childbirth, and that was just the first step.  University was a learning experience, and among many things, I joined NAKED – the Wellness Centre’s “sexuality awareness” group.  It was through my involvement with NAKED that I realized that there are others who are also passionate about human sexuality.  It was also my experience with NAKED that gave me a taste for sexual health and sexuality education.

After returning to school in January 2009, my interest in this field continued to grow.  My dream job is to be a sexuality and sexual health educator. I was fortunate to be able to develop my own unique placement in school, and I was able to develop a comprehensive 10-week sexual health education workshop, in partnership with the AIDS Committee of Simcoe County and the Orillia Youth Centre.

For more information about my qualifications and background, feel free to view my resume: Candice’s Resume

In 2010 I attended the 32nd Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference, as both a delegate and a poster presentation speaker.  I gained a great deal of insight, ideas and connections from this event, and am excited to be utilizing what I have learned in my own work with Sex Ed Central.  More recently, I attended the 2011 Guelph Sexuality Conference and a workshop entitled “LGBT and Aging”, hosted by the AIDS Committee of Guelph and Wellington County.

I am honoured to have received a number of awards and nominations, including the prestigious Governor General’s Academic Medal for the highest graduating average at Georgian College (2011).  I was also selected to be the recipient of the Board of Governor’s Medal from Georgian College in 2011. In 2012, I was honored with a Premier’s Award Nomination for Outstanding College Graduates (Recent Graduate Category).   I have my teachers, peers, family and friends to thank for their support in my quest for excellence, academically, professionally and personally.  Thank you.

Please take a few moments to browse my site, including my blog.  Bookmark the site and check back often.  This website is brimming with information and resources related to everything sex.  I am continuously working to improve this site, and if you would like to contribute, please contact me. I am continually looking for others with similar passion, knowledge and/or interests to broaden my network.

Once again, thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you!

Candice Reich, BA, CYW, CYC (Cert.)
Educator & Workshop Facilitator, Sex Ed Central
Candice Reich