Glee and the “F” word

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I’ve blogged about Glee before and after recently re-watching the Lady Gaga episode (Season 1, Episode 20), I wanted to write about it again.

This episode features one of my all-time favourite scenes from this progressive, diversity-friendly show.  I’m talking about the scene where Kurt and Finn are arguing over Kurt’s remodel of their bedroom, and Finn drops the “F” word.  Burt Hummel (Kurt’s father) overhears Finn’s outburst.  It’s what he says to Finn that really gives me goose bumps – and hope – that we can teach our young people about acceptance regardless of sexual orientation.

I’ve tried to find a good clip of this scene … the one that I am posting below isn’t the greatest quality, but it will do the job.

If you want to watch this or any other episode of Glee, I’ve got you covered!  Click here for this episode of Glee (Theatricality), and here to watch many other shows for free.

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